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Chris Davies



You need to know how to be skilled at job interviews. But, 9 out of 10 of us are never taught this skill.

All interviews follow the same pattern. You will always be asked CAN you do this job? Do you WANT this job? Are you going to fit in well with us (you must demonstrate EMPATHY with your interviewer)? Last but not least, you need to ask great QUESTIONS. Hence, CAN, WANT, EMPATHY, QUESTIONS.


Nail That Interview will teach you everything you need for interview success.

Nail That Interview
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Added 8 months ago, by Anonymous
Loved it - super useful and really insightful. Now confident I'll get the next job I apply for!
Added 10 months ago, by kirin
The course was excellent as it is very detailed and gives great advice through the various modules about how to face interviews confidently. There were lots of tips and tricks in the course that were very useful and something I have never thought about such as emailing them after the interview. I feel that I would keep looking over it and it would be especially useful to look over before interviews. My only suggestion would be that it is very much tailored for private sector job interviews and could do with a little more to help people when they go for interviews for jobs in the public sector such as council jobs as in my experience they tend to be a little different to private sector job interviews. Overall I feel it is so useful and will be so helpful for people not just graduates but to people of all ages doing interviews
Added 10 months ago, by Wayne
Their ‘Nail that Interview’ course gives a uniform, thorough overview of how to approach all interviews. It provides in depth knowledge of how to navigate both competency and technical based questions and how to prepare for multiple scenarios. The course gets to the heart of what a candidate needs to achieve to be successful. It was invaluable to me and I would recommend it to any new graduate or candidate on the hunt for a job.
Added 11 months ago, by Shah
Modules in this course gives very useful information on How to Tackle interviews with confidence. The activities given in the course is the best way to improve your skills. One of the best Tip Chris has given in the course is Follow up Email after ending the interview. This course is really a good learning for someone struggling with Job Interviews.
Added 11 months ago, by Saqlain
This course is all you need to “NAIL THE INTERVIEW”. Chris has given more than enough information regarding the interviews and how to face them confidently. There are facts and certain tips which i believe is really important to learn while preparing for an interview. Doesn’t matter whether you are Graduate,College leaver or whether you haven’t Interviewed for some time this course will definitely teach you how to impress the Interviewer. All the Documents provided in the course are very helpful especially the concept of CAN, WANT, EMPATHY. I have learned more than enough from this course and I am really Thankful to Chris Davies for the Course.

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